Tracer and the Casanovas with Suiciety

Tracer and the Casanovas 14.08.2015


Rock’n’roll is a never-ending celebration: of life, of good times, of the healing power of overdriven guitars. But while everyone is invited to the party, only a select few are able to tap into rock’n’roll’s spirit and essence. Formed just over a decade ago in Adelaide, South Australia, the mighty Tracer plainly have access to that hotline to rock’s heart and soul. Over the course of two widely praised studio albums and a seemingly remorseless slew of acclaimed live performances all over the globe, this swirling firestorm trio have firmly established themselves as one of the most vital young bands around. With a sound that takes the bluesy core of the finest hard rock and welds it to a gleaming but endearingly rusted chassis of stoner rock and powerhouse grunge, Tracer having previously been compared with Soundgarden, Queens Of The Stone Age, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Kyuss etc. are now forging more of their own identity.

Water for Thirsty Dogs, Tracer’s latest album is due for release 24-Jul-2015. This is the last chance to catch Tracer before heading off on a tour of Europe in September. More details on website:
The CasanovasThe Casnovas

Australian hard rockers the Casanovas were originally formed in 1999 now features singer Tommy Boyce’s unmistakeable  guitar licks, Damien Campbell on bass and “Jaws” Stanley on drums,  the trio have supported acts including Motley Crue, the Datsuns, and the legendary Motorhead, as well as touring Japan, the US and Europe.  Known for swagger and fury, crushing bass and a pummelling riff, it’s sure to make some feet stomp.  The last few years have been quiet for the band (except for a Black Crowes tour) due to life getting in the way our shows lately have been incredible and the matured band is better than ever.

Melbourne’s The Casanovas treated their fans to their long-awaited new album, Terra Casanova a few months ago. More info from:

With a blistering, energetic live show, they played at the Big Day Out, Alternative Nation and served support to Sepultura, The Supersuckers, Kreator, Ministry, Bodycount, Fear Factory, The Tea Party, and played alongside other Australian legends like Tumbleweed, Cosmic Psychos, and the Mark of Cain, to only name a few. In ’96 the band closed the curtain on the circus for what was thought to be the last time… Fast forward near on twenty years and after a well-earned sabbatical, the boys are back writing, recording and excited about the future playing their first gigs in nearly 20 years.  If they can bring half of what they brought to the table in the ’90s, it will be amazing… You watch!