Mick Thomas & The Roving Commission

Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission Friday 29th July 2016

Join us for The ‘Mid Winter Hit Out’ Balladeer and poet, folk and pub-rock hero Mick Thomas continues to ignite the party with his unique mix of folk, roots and country. Along for the ride on his ‘Mid Winter Hit Out’ shows this July are mainstays of The Roving Commission: fellow Weddings Parties Anything piano-accordionist Squeezebox Wally, drummer to the beat Dave Folley, and hot new kid on the block bass-player Michael Hubbard. Special guest is Rich Davies and The Low Road will peel back the skin of rock’n’roll to expose Old-Time Folk, Americana and Celtic bones. Anyone who has witnessed just how quickly a ticket to Mick’s shows can sell out will know to get in quick!